How to Add an Email Address to Safe Senders List on

Add Email address to safe senders list: In this article you will find about how to add email address to safe senders list of people, subscriptions or from any sources mailing to your Gmail Account. Generally we see many of the emails are automated to spam folders or junk folders as the Gmail filters or focusing on such kind of mails, even if it is subscribed by you. In order to avoid such situations where, you are subscribed to certain mails and still can’t find them in your Inbox, add your Gmail addresses to your Safe Senders list.

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What is an Email safe senders list in Gmail?

The program features of each email has spam filters which automatically detect white listed and black listed mail addresses from different senders. The white listed mails directly come into your Gmail inbox, whereas the blacklisted ones are automated to spam or junk folders. Some of your subscriptions may be termed as blacklisted and may not be reaching you as they are filtered. In order to avoid such situations, you may add Email address to safe senders list and enjoy the uninterrupted mails from your wanted sources.
The following steps help you to add Email address to safe senders list

  • Enter your details in the login page and proceed to your Gmail dashboard.
  • On the left top corner of your Gmail Dashboard, you will find Gmail icon which will give you three options, Gmail, contacts and tasks.
  • Select contacts and you will be redirected to the contacts page.
  • You will find your contacts in this page and along with an add contact option which enables to add a contact to your Gmail account.
gmail account
  • Select add contact button and add the Email address which you wanted to be in your Gmail Safe Senders list.
gmail login

The procedure for adding an Email address to your Gmail Safe senders list is simple, that may be helpful when filtering the odd ones from your Gmail inbox. In case of any problems when adding mail Address to your Gmail Account, just follow above steps so that we can help you out for the possible extent.

How To Delete Account

Delete Gmail Account: Everyone have created a Google Account and using it for any Google product but if you are using multiple Google accounts there may be a little bit confusion so you want to remove only one Gmail account. This is a big decision to deleting your Google account may be they are used for any Personal or Professional or business use. If you want to delete any one in multiple account list, you will lose accessing in Gmail not only in that you can also lose any Google products and related services to your account. By deleting your Gmail account you can remove all the messages in it and no longer to use this account. If you are having any problem with this account delete by following below explanation so that you can delete account permanently.
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Steps To Delete Gmail account:

 Delete account by following below step by step procedure.
  •  Firstly, Sign out of All your Google accounts. Make sure that you are signed out of all your accounts of Gmail, Google+, YouTube, and Drive. You are not logged in all your multiple accounts that you are using on Google website. This is the main thing if you are trying to delete any one account from many Google accounts. Sign-in to delete Google account by entering username and password.  If you logged out all your Google accounts then sign-in to Google account that you want to delete at the Top Right corner of your Gmail page you will find My account only not multiple gmail accounts through this you will understand all your accounts sign-out.
  • Now Click on My account button. The next settings window opened in that Sign and security, Personal info and privacy, and Account Preferences options. Click on Account preferences Settings then you will see Language and input tools, Accessibility, your Google Drive storage and Delete your account or services. In the Data Tools, Click on Delete Account and Date or Click Remove Gmail permanently you will observe under Delete a product.
  • Check all the boxes and make sure that you have checked all Google account. By selecting each checkbox to confirm you fully and all information associated with them. Select all these checkboxes Google AdWords, Google Talk, YouTube, blogger, Web History and Gmail services you will lose all these each and every service by checking off to delete your account. When you checked all boxes, Click on the Agree button.
  • Before close your Gmail account then enter your Account Password and mark the boxes that Google services provide a text that is Are you sure you want to delete this Gmail address it allows you to confirm that you want to delete Google account. Confirm below checkbox also that if you have any pending financial transactions you will still be responsible for those charges through Google wallet. Click on Delete Gmail Account button.
Finally, Your Google mail account has been deleted permanently by following above steps. If you have queries about how to delete Gmail account, please comment below of this page. We will help you out in that problem.

How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts on

Link Multiple Gmail Accounts: Hello, guys I have come up with one more interesting topic that is how to link multiple Gmail accounts in this article. I am going to provide you the guidelines on how to link multiple Gmail account. Follow the article completely to link Gmail accounts.
Our lives are very busy with work, family, friends, events etc because of our busy lives we will be having so many works according to that we have multiple Gmail accounts. Google is the most used email service in the world because of its fantastic features and you can create any no of account in google and you can create the for free. some people use the different account for different purposes.

So many people might have created two three accounts as per the situation but if they want to see the emails of both the account they need to log out from one account and need to sign into another account to check the emails. To avoid such trouble we have come up with this article which explains to you how to link multiple Gmail accounts.

If you have more than one Gmail account and you want to access all the account simultaneously then you can link all the Gmail accounts together so that you can send and receive emails from one main Gmail account. All the emails are directly coming to this main account you need not  go back to use another account. You can view all the mail account emails together in mail account itself.

How to link multiple Gmail accounts

You can link multiple Gmail accounts to one account by following the steps given below. There are 4 steps which you need to follow to link your Gmail accounts together:

Add Alternate Email Address
  • Select one account as primary account i.e which you want to receive and send your emails. open your primary Gmail account and click Settings which is at the right side of the corner of your screen.
  • Click on Accounts tag.
  • Choose acknowledgement from the same address the message was sent to under When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses:
  • Click on Add account. A window will pop up.
  • Enter your alternative or secondary email address and click on next step.
  • Click on Send Verification.
  • Stick to the Secondary email account and click on the verification link to your secondary account which is sent from
Forward Incoming Mail

If  you want to get the older messages over to primary Gmail account that you received before you set up the forwarding,

  •  In the Secondary email account, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab which is present on the right corner of the page below the settings
gmail sign in
  •  In the Forward, a copy of incoming mail to box enter your primary email address
  • Then select an option from the drop-down list:
    – keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox
    – archive Gmail’s copy
    – delete Gmail’s copy
  • Click on save changes.
Create a Label
  • In your Primary Gmail login account, go to the bottom of the page and check for the Labels box which is present  on the left side of the page.
  • Click  on EDIT labels.
  • Click on the box under create a new label: Type a name of your  label. Even you can use your email address if you want and click on create.
Create a Filter

In the Primary email account, click theFilters tab,  and click on create a filter.

  • Type your secondary email address in that box.
  • Click  on next step.
  • Click on the which is  next to skip inbox to select it.
  • Click on apply the label:   select  and choose  the label you created from the drop-down list.
  • Click on create a filter
gmail login
Now, emails from your Secondary email account will come into your Primary Gmail account automatically  and go into the folder which you have created called label.  You can keep your email separate by using filters.

How to Setup Gmail Priority Inbox in

Gmail Priority Inbox: Gmail Priority Inbox is a new feature in Gmail accountGmail will find all the important messages and sort them. In Gmail account use the priority Inbox by changing the Gmail settings, to prevent email overload burden. The Priority Inbox in Gmail it works by depending on the importance of the emails that you will read and reply those emails. The Gmail Priority Inbox is also used for Android users.

Many other devices that support the Gmail Priority Inbox feature. You can add this Priority Inbox in Gmail as Default inbox so that your important email messages will notify. If you choose this Priority Inbox in your account then it will figure out which email is important then those emails will separate out from each and every email in your Gmail Inbox. This Gmail Priority Inbox will combine all  emails they may be unread, important and starred inboxes will keep separately.

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Gmail Priority Inbox Android:

The Priority Inbox is the latest feature in Gmail account. Follow below step by step instruction to start using Priority Inbox feature in your Google mail account.
  • Firstly, Go to Google Homepage and Click on option. The Gmail option will view in the Top right corner of the Google Page.
  • Then enter your Username with the password by sign-in to your Gmail account.
  • Now you will see all your emails in your The Inbox option will present on the left side of the Gmail page, you will find Inbox Menu. In that Inbox Menu, there are many options like Default, Important first, Unread first and many more then Click the Priority option.
gmail signin
  • After pressing the Priority Inbox option it will take few seconds to add your Gmail account.
  • Then your Gmail account will activate Priority Inbox. Here, you will see that all your Inbox emails look good. It will combine all your emails will divide separately like Important and unread emails at one list, Starred emails are listed below and remaining emails are listed in Everything else list. With starts symbol and tabs will represent the email importance. These are highlighting the importance of your emails. These symbols will appear at each email so based on this Gmail Priority Inbox will give preferences.
gmail login
  • If you are viewing all emails but you don't want to see unwanted emails then use collapse option. This collapse option will help you to collapse each set of headers. so that your Gmail emails will look clear.
  • Go to General settings in that Click on Inbox tab. In that, you will find all Inbox type Menu then select Priority Inbox and in Inbox Sections at options Menu, you can select up to 50 items, You can also select Hide section when empty and Remove Section, important status, including labels, these many options are available to add your account.
  • Then Finally, Click on the Save changes button it will see on  the bottom of this Setting Gmail Page.
  • If you don't want to use this Priority Inbox feature to your account simply do this. Go back to your Gmail Settings Page then select the old inbox type. - Gmail App For Android, Windows and iOS

Gmail App for Android: Gmail App is not similar to other mailing service apps; it's a very different way of doing work. It is one of the reason for many users to use the smartphones. People are so much used to Gmail App for Windows that they want to use it in their smartphones too. The reason is understood clearly because it is used for many important purposes like official Gmail app and to receive regular updates.
Who woudn't want to use it for their smartphones? No one right. Because it becomes more available if they use it in their smartphone.If you did not use Gmail App for Android, Windows and iOS smartphones then you are missing out something big. Gmail also comes with a lot of customizable features letting us do what we require to. It also has a free storage facility which is helpful.

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You don't run out of space if you use Gmail App for Android, Windows and iOS. It also improves regularly. Each day some new development enriches Gmail App also the users are getting engaged into using Gmail App for iOS, Windows and Android.

Gmail App for Android, Windows and iOS:

Gmail App is supported by wide range of platforms and smartphones. It has spread its wings across many areas and is improving its presence in almost all the platforms available. You name a smartphone OS, and it's there already deemed with many features that could be helpful to you in lots of aspects. This makes it a professionally chosen mailing app by many people.

Gmail App for Android comes integrated with many phones mainly android devices. The app lets us perfom pretty much work which we might do on a PC. Making it a typical way of using it in Mobile devces. Interestingly it is available for free on all the platforms. All the services used and instead pay nothing! How helpful it is right. Well, you would yourself know the ease it gives once you use it on your Smartphone.

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It is useful for those who check their email at a regular interval of time and need to be updated with emails all the time. Just use the Internet on your mobile and it works fine with the data pack too. On wifi, it works even better like flipping cards without hassle. It doesn't require us to be afraid of its functionality as it gets updates regularly.

Gmail App for Android:

There is Gmail App for Android and can be downloaded easily. You can find it in Google play store. It is available for free. It can be directly downloaded to your android mobile and can be used without any hassle.

If you want to download it, just click here.

After visiting the link from you mobile just download the app and install it. 

Gmail App for Windows Phone:

It is also available Gmail App for Windows Phone and can be used efficiently. It is also free for Windows Mobile. It can be downloaded by clicking here.

Gmail App for iOS:

iOS users have an excellent option to download and use Gmail app for iOS on their mobile. It is also available for iPhone, iPad, MAC. If you want to download it, then you can visit this link.

Features of Gmail App for Android, Windows and iOS:

• Categorized inbox – Messages are present in categories so you can read messages from inbox quickly
• Spam folder – Gmail App has a feature which blocks spam before it enters your inbox to keep your account safe and spam free.
• 15GB of free storage – Storage is not a problem now.
• Multiple account support – Use both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses (, Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP/POP email) right from the app. - Create a Gmail Account For Free on a Gmail account for free is an easy process, and you can do it without any hassle, you just have to follow this article. is evolving with such a great impact on people all over the world for it's services under the umbrella of Google. You don't need to create a separate account for each and every service of Google. You just have to register for a single Gmail account at
Gmail has crossed over 1 Billion users worldwide, and the people using it are increasing day by day. Each and every day new people creates accounts on Gmail for various purposes and reasons. So you might also be looking for signing up at This article has all that is required for you to Create a Gmail account. If you don't know how to create a Gmail account, then you may follow this article and do it.

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How to Create Gmail Account:

Gmail is known by each and every person in the world. Even those who are new to technology and don't know much about the internet are aware of Gmail and its speed growth all over the world. Gmail is the best mailing service available in the world, and it has the most number of users. It has evolved in such a way because of the reason that it has outstanding features available for users like Google Maps, Google Adsense, Gmail, etc., Without even charging us a bit.

There are numerous social networking sites, and the best thing is most of them are integrated with Gmail account. It makes the verification process of our account on those social networking sites without a need to enter many details such as a mobile number.

The reasons why we should create a Gmail account are many, and we have to use them many a time in our lives because of its extraordinary features. The options such as ease to recover our accounts in case we forget the password of our any Gmail account is easy. We can recover our Gmail password quickly as Gmail sends a Mail to us with a password when we forget any password.

Now we have known much about the importance of Create a Gmail account. Therefore, let us directly jump into creating a Gmail account right away. The process is subtle, and it takes very few minutes for us to create it. After creating it, we will be able to use all the features or services offered by Google without paying any money. Gmail gives us free 15 Gigs of storage online in Google Drive for free.

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Follow these Steps Procedure to Create Gmail account at

You don't have to worry a lot if you don't know the procedure to create a Gmail account. You might not be aware that it is easy but in fact, it is easy. Now, let's see the whole procedure to do that without wasting any time.
  • Visit by clicking here and the login page will be loaded up.
    gmail signin
  • Click on the link which reads 'Create an account' as depicted in the image.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will have to give your details which ever are asked in the picture. Now enter all the details which ever are asked appropriately like name, password, username, date of birth, etc.,
    create gmail account
  • Now choose a unique username and password should also be tough with numerical as well as other details. This username will be used by you everywhere so think of some nice username and give it as you will professional.
  • The password should also be strong, try including numerical, symbols, etc.,
  • Enter your mobile number, not necessary but if you give it you will be able to recover the password later if you forget.
  • Enter the captcha and Mark agree on button and click continue.
    gmail login
  • That's it! You will be able to create an account successfully now. 

Block Unwanted Email Address in

Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail: We keep receiving many unwanted emails in our inbox. Unwanted emails on Gmail always create irritation on Deleting all the unimportant messages takes a long time, and it's a repetitive work. Even after deleting you may see those emails coming to your inbox which is from the same sender.

Therefore, you might be messed up with these repetitive emails every day and want to get rid of them. Even if we mark those emails as spam, we might get such similar emails again and again. It could be because filters may not be perfect all the time. Therefore, you might need to do such things manually sometimes.
The best thing to prevent such emails from entering into your inbox by blocking them. Therefore, we are going to show you the procedure to block unwanted emails and send them to trash. It is pretty easy to do that task; you only need to follow all the points explained in this article.

How to Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail:

People always get irritated when they receive such kind of emails to their inbox. They would be looking for some important emails and only for such spam messages everywhere. It creates a lot of problems as we also get their notifications all the time, we open our Gmail login to check if it's an important message and to our surprise there will be a spam email waiting for us.

That is the reason we have created this article to solve all such issues and get the work do in minutes. It will take few minutes to accomplish this task and then you won't receive those emails again from that particular sender.

Follow these Steps to Block Unwanted Emails or Senders on Gmail:

To block all those unwanted emails on gmail inbox just follow these steps and do it according to the steps. Don't skip any step and follow all the steps correctly. You will finally be able to block  unwanted emails on Gmail.

1. First you will have to log in to your Gmail account by entering your Username and Password.
2. Now the inbox of your Gmail will be loaded, in this page, you must click on a drop down menu which will be in the shape of 'Gear'.
3. In that drop down menu just select settings.
4. In the next page, you will have to select Filters and click on Create a new filter.

5. Now just add all the things which you want to block, enter all the email ids, etc.,
You can also do this manually without any need for creating any filter. You have to go to the mail which you want to block and on the right side of that mail select the drop down button and click on the block option. By this way you don't need to do any filter thing, whichever email you think is spam, you can select that and just apply it as spam.

For doing it manually do it the way which is shown in the picture above.